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Channels for Healthcare

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Now offering Docola Education Channels.

Your Practice Needs an Education Channel

There is no better way to increase the efficiency of your patient education process, improve patient outcomes, get more referrals and impact more lives than with a Video-based Channel. As a Med/Surg Nurse discharging patients home,  I found it challenging to teach my patients what they needed to succeed.

No results, no fee.

1) Curate your own library and E-prescribe education and resources to your patients from a central hub.

2) Make it easier for patients and families to confidently participate in their own care.

3) Improve patient and clinician experience.

What Our Clients Say

Our Services

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals with years of experience in Healthcare, Videography, Journalism and all areas of marketing.

Video Channel

Prescribe Education, Communicate Care on Docola, YouTube, and other channels.

Healthcare Background

Understanding of the patho-physiology and how to simplify it for patient understanding.

Digital Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing and paid ad strategies incorporated into our solutions.

Featured Channel

  (example of what you can do)



Video Channel Specialists

Using HIPAA-Compliant Docola, YouTube, Vimeo and Others to accomplish your goals.


Healthcare Experienced

Over twenty years of experience in healthcare in a variety of settings; we understand your needs.


Simple Onboarding

Our onboarding process leaves nothing to chance, working collaboratively or independently.